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SSN Lookup Tool — Check to see if a Social Security Number is Valid

Are you unsure if an SSN is valid, or do you think a tenant gave you a fake Social Security Number?

There a few helpful websites out there to decode social security numbers, including one by Steve Morse, which by entering the first 5 digits of the person's social you can find out the state and date range the SSN was issued.

In the example above, a social security number beginning with 421-11-XXXX is decoded and returns that it was issued in Alabama between 1981 and 1982.

Interested in more detailed information or want to verify if the SSN matches the person's name and if the SSN is listed as a deceased person? Purchase StarPoint Screening's Identification Verification Report. SSN ID Verifier searches more than 19 billion public and proprietary records instantly verify applicant identity based on basic driver's license information and potentially fraudulent identities.