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Ordering Multiple Reports on a Rental Applicant

Posted: June 25, 2021

Sometimes when screening a tenant you may choose to order one type of report such as a tenant credit report then later add an eviction search or nationwide background check.  Our online report and delivery website helps alleviate the pain of typing in the applicant’s personal information again by choosing the “Add to Order” function.

Simply login and visit the Search page to view any previously ordered reports then click the Add to Order Button    next to the applicant you wish to order an additional report on. 

Next, place a check mark to select the Report(s) you wish to order and click the Next button.

Review & Agree to the terms and conditions and view the entered applicant’s information. Enter your payment information on the following screen and click Next to review application information one last time before submitting your payment and ordering the reports. 

Remember to view your state and local laws in regards to tenant screening and always screen tenants fairly. The Fair Housing Act makes it illegal for you to discriminate against renters based on their race, color, sex, religion, disability, national origin or familial status. That means you cannot refuse to rent to anyone within those protected classes.