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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your website secure?

Yes we secure our website with a Thawte Web Server Certificate. All information you provide, and payments you make, are protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption.

Can I see a sample report before I sign up?

Of course! You'll find links to sample reports from our products and services page. Also, please feel free to email or call with your questions. We're happy to help.

How do I use your service?

Getting started with StarPoint is simple! Learn about how we work and how to get started

Is there a membership fee when I sign up for your service?

No. StarPoint has no membership fee, no registration fee, and no monthly or yearly fees. You pay only for the reports you order.

Types of Screening Information Available

Do you screen applicants in Canada, Mexico, or Internationally?

No. At this time our screening only covers the U.S.A. most products required a United States issued Social Security number for your applicant. A ITIN can not be used.

Do you require a Social Security Number for Credit or Background checks?

Yes, one of the reasons we do require the SSN to be submitted with every background check is so we can search for associated names for the applicant. This can allow us to find records attached to maiden names or variations of the individual’s name when possible. But while we are as thorough as possible, as with any search, we are limited to the depth and accuracy of the data the state, county, and federal court entities have on file.

What information does your State and National Criminal Report include?

Our State and National Criminal Report data vary based on what the courts provide.
Please note, Starpoint Screening only reports cases resulting in a court conviction.

The data returned on the applicant may include, when available: 

  • State of Offense
  • Offense Detail
  • Disposition
  • Disposition Date
  • Case Number
  • Arrest Date
  • Degree of Offense
  • Sentence
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Hair & Eye Color,
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Aliases

Each court has its own timetable for submitting updates; however, the vast majority is updated monthly.

The Screening Process

What happens after I place an order with StarPoint for Criminal Background Report?

The Starpoint research team begins to manually research court dockets that are flagged electronically based on the applicant’s name, date of birth and address. We manually verify that criminal charges resulted in convictions and that the records match the applicant.

How quickly can I get my reports after I place an order?

Credit Reports, Identity Verifier, Eviction and Civil Judgement Searches are returned instantly. Criminal Reports are returned the same business day when ordered between our business hours of 9am to 4pm CST Monday through Friday.

When I make a payment with my credit card, I'm asked for the Security Code. What is that?

On a MasterCard or Visa, the 3-digit Security Code shows on the back of the card, usually at the end (or near) the signature line.  In compliance with PCI Security Standards we never store your CVV2 code.

Credit Report Specifics

What is the FCRA?

FCRA is the Fair Credit Reporting Act. It is Federal law regulating the collection, use, and distribution of consumer credit information. FCRA was enacted in 1970, and substantially amended in the late 1990s and in 2003, and forms the basis for all consumer credit rights. The law is intended to ensure privacy and accuracy of credit reports. FCRA regulates activities by consumer reporting agencies, by any person or company providing information to those consumer reporting agencies, and by any person or company using the information for credit, employment, or insurance purposes. FCRA also provides consumers the right to periodically review and have errors corrected in their credit records. The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 allows consumers to have easier access to view their reports and dispute incorrect items.

Are the credit reports a hard or soft inquiry?

The StarPoint tenant credit report is a soft inquiry and will not affect the credit score of the applicant.

How do I get my own credit report?

You can get a copy of your own credit report, free of charge, by visiting or calling 1.877.322.8228.

StarPoint Hours and Contact Information

What hours are you open?

Our business hours are Monday through Friday 9AM to 4PM Central Time but our online ordering is available 24/7.

How do I contact you?

You can phone us at 1.877.330.2444. Our fax is 1.850.262.0045. You may email us at