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TransUnion Credit Report Codes

A Credit Report can be a bit difficult to understand. Here is a breakdown of the terminology and common codes used in TransUnion credit reports.

ECOA (Equal Credit Opportunity Act) Inquiry and Account Designators

A  Authorized user of shared account
C Joint contractual liability
I Individual account for sole use of customer
M Account for which subject is liable, but co-signer has liability if the maker defaults
P Participant in shared account which cannot be distinguished as C or A
S Account for which subject is co-signer and becomes liable if maker defaults
T Relationship with account terminated
U Undesignated
X Deceased

Type of Account

O Open Account (30, 60 or 90 days)
R Revolving or Option
I Installment
M Mortgage
C Check credit (line of credit)

Date Indicators 

A Automated
C Closed
D Declined
F Repossessed/Written Off/Collection
I Indirect
M Manually Frozen
N No Record
P Paid Out
R Reported
S Slow Answering
T Temporarily Frozen
V Verified
X No Reply

MOP Current Manner of Payment

00 Not rated, too new to rate, or approve but not used
01 Pays as agreed
02 30–59 days past the due date
03 60–89 days past the due date
04 90–119 days past the due date
05 120 days or more past the due date
07 Paying or paid under Wage Earner Plan or similar arrangement
08 Repossession
8A Voluntary repossession
8D Legal repossession
8P Paying or paid account with MOP 08
8R Repossession; redeemed
09 Charged off to bad debt
9B Collection account
9P Paying or paid account with MOP 09 or 9B
UC Unclassified
UR Unrated

KOB Kind of Business Classifications

A Automotive
B Banks and S&L
C Clothing
D Department, Variety and Other Retail
E Employment
F Finance, Personal
G Groceries
H Home Furnishings
I Insurance
J Jewelry, Cameras and Computers
K Contractors
L Lumber, Building Material, Hardware
M Medical and Related Health
N Credit Card and Travel/Entertainment
O Oil Companies
P Personal Services Other Than Medical
Q Finance Companies, Other Than Personal Finance Companies
R Real Estate and Public Accommodations
S Sporting Goods
T Farm and Garden Supplies
U Utilities and Fuel
V Government
W Wholesale
X Advertising
Y Collection
Z Miscellaneous


Information provided by TransUnion June, 2011