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How does Starpoint Driver Screening work?

Truck Driver Looking Out Window

Signing up is free and takes about 2 minutes.

There are no costs to sign up and never any membership fees. You will only pay for the reports you choose to order!

Immediately after you sign up you’ll be given your account number and login information.

You can then login and select the type of reports you need and enter the employee’s information needed to pull the report. You can pay for the report at the time of order with a Visa, MasterCard or Discover card. We can also set up your account for invoicing.

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Instant Reports

Your reports are returned instantly upon order!

Simply view your reports in your secure account, print them or save them to your computer. Reports stay in your secure account for viewing for 12 months after the day you ordered it.

Bulk Orders

Do you have to run a large quantity of reports at one time or do you need to periodically re-run existing reports for audit purposes? We can handle the data entry process for you at no cost, saving you valuable time and money. Simply let us know and we can help.

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