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What is a Public Record and How Long will a Public Record Show on a Credit Report?

Public records can have a very negative affect on a credit score. If a person has any filed against them, they should be aware of the following information.

How Student Loans Affect Your Credit Report

With the average student loan amount at the end of 2021, being $38,792, many renters are now wondering how their loans will affect their credit score.

How will collections affect my credit score?

Any collections item can lower a person's FICO credit score. Generally accounts which go into collections will appear on your credit report for up to 7 years.

10 Documents Every Landlord Should Keep in their Tenant’s File

As a landlord, proper documentation is essential. Documentation can be used to prove that you complied with the law, such as giving a tenant advance notice when appropriate or collecting a tenant’s authorization before conducting tenant screening.

What information from my tenant do I need to screen them?

Before you check your applicant’s background & credit you will need to have your tenant fill out a rental application with some required data to return complete and accurate reports.

Which is better a lease or a rental agreement?

Lease agreements and rental agreements differ primarily in terms of time commitment. In a lease, a tenant is obligated to fixed obligations for a longer time period. Rental agreements are more flexible and operate on shorter time scales.

How to End a Lease

Confusion is not uncommon for both tenants and property owners when it comes to issues associated with ending a lease. Leasing contracts cover rental periods between a specific starting and ending point, and typically require tenants to provide either verbal or written notice if they intend to vacate upon the conclusion of a lease.

Trucking Industry 2022 Forecast – Opportunity Ahead

The trucking industry has faced a number of challenges in the past few years—the most notable of which is the COVID-19 pandemic. Aside from the pandemic itself, COVID-19 has accelerated or exacerbated many of the challenges already facing truckers.

Steps to Ending a Lease With Your Tenant

If you are a landlord, there are many reasons why you may want to end a lease with a renter as the end of the term approaches.

FCRA Rules and Obtaining a Copy of your Tenant Screening Reports

When you run a credit report , eviction search or any other aspect of a background check on a potential tenant, he or she does have a legal right to review the information that you’ve gathered.

Steps to Check an Applicant’s Rental History

At a minimum, landlords want a renter who will pay the rent on time and take care of their property. One of the best ways of determining whether an applicant will be a tenant you’d want renting your property is by screening the applicant.

The Importance of a Criminal Background Check in Driver Screening

While Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) and Pre-Employment Screening (PSP) reports are crucial elements of screening new hires, a thorough screening process will go beyond looking at just driving history.

Virtual Tenant Screening

In the COVID era, it’s never been more important to adapt to the digital environment. Having a virtual rental application process not only saves time but can also open up your options for prospective tenants.

Post-Hire Screening

It’s common to perform a motor vehicle record (MVR) check during the hiring process to ensure you hire responsible drivers with the appropriate and valid licenses. While it is important to undergo a pre-employment screening process before hiring a candidate, screening current employees is no less critical.

Qualities of a Good Tenant and How to Find Them

A tenant's most important qualities are that they pay their rent on time and take good care of your property. Ideally, you want a tenant who will also be organized, responsible, and communicate any problems or issues.

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