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Trucking Industry 2022 Forecast – Opportunity Ahead

Posted: February 09, 2022

The trucking industry has faced a number of challenges in the past few years—the most notable of which is the COVID-19 pandemic. Aside from the pandemic itself, COVID-19 has accelerated or exacerbated many of the challenges already facing truckers. Supply chain disruptions and labor shortages are expected to continue, resulting in a market rife with uncertainty. One of the critical issues identified by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) is labor shortages – truck drivers and maintenance workers such as diesel technicians.

However, some promise lies ahead as the American Trucking Association forecasts that freight tonnage will spike 24% in 2022, with a substantial share of the increased revenue going to the trucking industry. The benefits to trucking companies are evident and provide good cause to be optimistic. To take advantage of the increased demand in trucking services it is essential that freight companies have a solid employee base that they can rely on. And with truck drivers and technicians aging out of the workforce—many choosing to retire earlier than expected—efforts to recruit new drivers are more critical than ever. 

Putting effort into thoughtful hiring practices can help you recruit employees that will be an asset to your company. At a minimum, you must order a Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) report for any potential employee. MVR reports offer information on driver’s license status and class. This report will ensure that any potential hires have a valid commercial driver’s license that hasn’t been suspended or revoked. Pre-Employment Screening (PSP) is another source of critical information for trucking employers. A PSP report provides a driver’s crash history for the last five years and three years of history for roadside vehicle inspection violations. It’s important to note that a PSP driving report can only be conducted before an employee is hired, so it must be included in the initial screening process. Pulling PSP and MVR records are the best ways to ensure you hire valuable employees. Proper recruitment is vital to the success of trucking companies in this economic state. Therefore establishing (or maintaining) a thoughtful screening process should be a high priority. 

The challenges currently facing the trucking industry may be significant, but the opportunities in store this year are favorable. Proper recruitment is necessary to take advantage of these opportunities. Therefore establishing (or maintaining) a thoughtful screening process should be a high priority.