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How Long Should a Landlord Keep Tenant Documents?

Learn more about how long a landlord should keep tenant documents on file.

SHRM Says: Credit Checks Are Legitimate Screening Tool

The use of credit checks has grown, and at the same time questions have emerged about the fairness of the practice, whether the results of the credit check correlate to job performance and whether there are any adverse impacts.

What’s the difference between a MVR, PSP and CDLIS Record?

With so many driver report options you may not be sure which ones you need. Learn about the various driver reports StarPoint offers.

Hurricane Preparation Checklist for Landlords and Property Managers

We've created a few checklists that may be beneficial to you as a landlord or property manager in the instance a hurricane or storm is near.

Accessing Employees’ Facebook Pages Raises Privacy Issues

While employers should not troll through employees’ Facebook accounts under false pretenses, there are some circumstances when employers might want to access employees’ social networking pages.

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