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Who Should Be Doing Pre-Employment Screening?

Posted: June 08, 2022

Hiring employees isn't just about posting a help wanted sign or job ad and then doing interviews. Hiring and training the wrong employee who doesn't work out can cost a business thousands of dollars in resources and revenue. Modern employment screening often involves pre-employment background checks, pre-employment credit reports and if the employee drives a company vehicle a motor vehicle report.

What Is Pre-Employment Screening?

Pre-employment screening, in general, means investigating the background of a potential employee. However, depending on the position, duties, and responsibilities involved, there are specific elements that should be included.

Criminal Background Checks: Many employment application forms ask whether or not candidates have ever been convicted of a crime. A criminal background check is how you verify whether or not the candidate is being truthful with the information that they provide.

Motor Vehicle Records: If a candidate's job duties will ever involve driving for your business, then you need to know they are actually a good driver. It's a matter of responsibility, safety, and liability. Motor Vehicle Records often show license status, points, medical certificate status and are often needed on an annual basis for insurance purposes.

Pre-Employment Credit Checks: Any position in your business involving access to money or finances should only be entrusted to someone who has proven themselves responsible for their own finances. Pre-employment credit reports appear as a soft inquiry on the applicant’s credit report and they do not negatively affect their credit score.

Who Should Be Doing Pre-Employment Screenings?

Pre-employment screenings are good things for certain professionals to do when hiring.

HR Managers: Human resources professionals are responsible for managing the talent in a business, and pre-employment screenings help them safeguard the quality of the talent pool within their company.

Small Business Owners: One bad employee can sink a small business that doesn't employ many people, so prevent it as much as you can.

Anyone Busy: When you're busy, it might be due to the fact that you are covering for an open position. It's tempting to hire the first person that comes along and looks good, but you should also take the time to verify their identity and background.

Pre-employment screening is crucial to bringing valid talent onto your team and signing up with StarPoint Screening is fast and easy.  You can begin ordering background checks and MVRs today.  After completing a site inspection, you will be granted access to credit reports. It’s a simple process where a contracted site inspector meets you at your office at a time that’s convenient for you.