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Site Inspections

If you would like access to ordering the Pre-Employment Credit Report from TransUnion, the Credit Reporting Bureaus require you have a Site Inspection. It’s a simple process where a contracted site inspector meets you at your office/home office at a time that is convenient for you.

During the site inspection visit, the site inspector will:
  • Verify there is a physical office or home office which is a secure environment that does not allow public access to your computer
  • Look to see that you have the ability to secure or dispose of any printed credit reports properly by way of a paper shredder and a locking filing cabinet
  • Verify that credit reports will be used for employment screening only and for no other business purpose
  • Take pictures of the location

The Credit Bureaus require the site inspection before access to credit reports can be given. The site inspection fee is $60.00. This is the cost from the site inspection company and we will never charge you more than we are charged.

While you wait for the site inspection to be completed, your account is fully activated to order Criminal Background Reports, Motor Vehicle Driving Records,  and more.

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