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State Check


Provides records from the state of your choice.


National Check


Provides records from all states in our database.


StarPoint Tenant Screening offers Nationwide Criminal Background Reports for $19.95 and Statewide Criminal Background Reports for $10.95. Reviewing a candidate’s criminal conviction history saves time, money, and frustration. Protect other tenants, neighbors, and your property by avoiding placing the wrong applicant in your rental.

  • The Nationwide Criminal Background Report provides records from all states in our database, which is the smart report choice if you know the candidate has lived in several states in the past.
  • The Statewide Criminal Background Report will only provide records from the state of your choice. The state criminal is a good selection if you know the applicant has primarily only lived in one state.

Many tenant screening companies deliver non-FCRA compliant “instant” criminal data that is never reviewed for accuracy. This places you at legal risk. StarPoint protects you by providing FCRA and state statute compliant criminal background reports. More importantly, a dedicated team reviews these reports for accuracy and legal compliance every time. And while we’re dedicated to accuracy, we know you need information quickly. Expect reports to be delivered the same business day they're ordered.

Please note that StarPoint Screening only reports records resulting in conviction.

Due to state FCRA reporting provisions and state regulation statutes, we are limited to reporting only 7 years of criminal history in California, Colorado, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, Texas, and Washington.

Please Note: Effective January 1, 2022 Due to new legislation requirements we will discontinue providing criminal reports for tenant screening for properties located in the state of New Jersey.

StarPoint’s Background Checks can include these details:

State Background Check - $10.95   |   National Background Check - $19.95

  • Offense description
  • Degree of offense
  • Conviction date
  • Sentencing information
  • Courthouse
  • Aliases
  • Physical description
  • And more

Available information varies by state »

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