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Tenant Eviction and Civil Judgment Reports

State Eviction and Civil Judgment Report


Search a specific state.


National Eviction and Civil Judgment Report


Search all 50 states at once.


Uncover your applicant's past legal issues with property managers and other entities with our valuable Eviction and Civil Judgment Report. Results include case, defendant, and plaintiff information for filings against your applicant.

Our reports show cases recorded in the past 7 years in compliance with federal FCRA laws. Narrow your eviction and civil judgment search to a specific state with our State Eviction Report for $8.95or  Search all 50 states at once with our National Eviction Report for $9.95

*Please Note: Effective January 1, 2022 Due to new legislation requirements we will discontinue providing eviction reports for tenant screening for properties located in the state of New York.

Reports include (when available):

  • Defendant name
  • Plaintiff name
  • Case number
  • Filing date
  • Court house
  • Judgment or lien amount


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