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Pre-Employment Credit Checks

Site Inspection Required* »


Before you make a hiring decision, know more about your applicant with a pre-employment credit check for $10.95. Credit reports assess financial responsibility history which can be helpful information if employment requires handling money or other valuable assets. And be assured, this employment credit report appears as a soft inquiry on the applicant’s credit report and does not negatively affect their credit score.

TransUnion’s data provides fast, reliable credit history information to help you make informed hiring decisions.

This credit report option requires a site inspection »

StarPoint’s Pre-Employment Credit Check includes:

  • Credit account overview
  • Late payment patterns
  • Payment history
  • Tax liens
  • Bankruptcies
  • Civil judgments
  • Collection account search
  • Verification of name, SSN, and address
  • Residence/ Employment Information (according to what Bureaus have on file)

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*If you would like to have access to order the Pre-employment credit report, the Credit Reporting Bureaus require that you complete a Site Inspection.

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