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Let us help you with your pre-employment screening needs.


Exercise due diligence and avoid unnecessary risks before hiring.

$8.95 - $14.95

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Instantly search DMV records with our Motor Vehicle Reports.

$10.95 plus state court fees*

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Pre-employment screening reports from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.


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Search for prior licenses, current CDL as well as prior driver licenses.


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Identity Verifier

Verify an applicant’s identity and substantially reduce your risk of being a victim of fraud.


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Credit Checks

Screen potential applicants for positions in the financial and retail industries.


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Industry News

Using Consumer Reports: What Employers Need to Know

A consumer report contains information about an applicant’s background information including credit, criminal, driving and past employment history. Read More

Who Should Be Doing Pre-Employment Screening?

Modern employment screening often involves pre-employment background checks, pre-employment credit reports and if the employee drives a company vehicle a motor vehicle report. Read More

The Growing Use of Pre-Employment Screening

Regardless of the size of your business, pre-employment screening is a necessary hiring practice to avoid lawsuits and costly hiring mistakes. Gone are the days of a simple reference check and a few phone calls to screen new employees. Read More